Green-light for Greenfood’s acquisition of Apetit’s fresh cut business

27 September 2019
The competition authority has approved the transaction in which Greenfood acquires Apetit’s fresh cut business, located in Kivikko, Helsinki. The deal strengthens Greenfood’s position in Finland considerably, both within Retail and HoReCa sector.

Greenfood is one of the largest corporate groups in the Nordic healthy food industry. Constituting almost 30 separate but cooperating companies in seven countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain) with about 1,500 employees collectively, the Greenfood Group specializes in healthy fresh convenience food. In Finland, Greenfood also owns Salico Oy, Satotukku Oy, Picadeli Oy and Snackpoint Oy.
Greenfood has now received a green light from the competition authority for the acquisition of Apetit’s fresh cut business. The parties have agreed to pursue the completion of the transaction on 30th September 2019, having initially announced the agreement of the transaction on 10th July 2019.
“Through the purchase, we are expanding our production capacity and improving the efficiency of modern production of cut fruits and vegetables. We are furthermore strengthening our current position in Finland within healthy convenience foods. Our ambition is to become the best convenience partner in Finland,” says Björn Johansson, Head of Greenfood Fresh Cut.
In the past five years, the Finnish consumers’ eating habits have changed: interest in healthy convenience food has increased significantly. Grocery stores and supermarkets have made room for new food concepts and convenience food such as wraps, salads, pasta dishes and sandwiches. By offering high-quality meals capable of attracting lunch customers to stores, they can increase sales now that more and more people are shopping online.
“No other convenience supplier is operating in as many markets as us, which is why the European retail industry frequently turns to us for advice. International management teams routinely visit us for market insights and to hear our perspective”, says David von Laskowski, CEO of Greenfood Group.
Greenfood wants to make healthy eating more accessible through conceptualized solutions, food-tech, and innovative products. One of the success factors is that Greenfood owns its whole value chain, that gives the company the capacity to innovate fast and develop new products at a grander scale.
”Informed Finnish consumers demand healthy, fresh and, above all, tasty convenience food. By investing heavily in innovation and development of digital tools, we can scale up quickly to meet the needs of Finnish grocery giants, convenience players as well as HoReCa clients”, says David von Laskowski, CEO of Greenfood Group.