Greenfood announces Jussi Armanto as new CEO of Salico Oy and Snackpoint Oy

14 October 2019
Greenfood has recruited Jussi Armanto as CEO of Salico Oy and Snackpoint Oy. Armanto has significant experience from the retail industry, both in Finland and internationally. Salico and Snackpoint are part of Greenfood, one of the largest groups in the Nordic healthy food industry.

Jussi Armanto was named new CEO of Salico Oy and Snackpoint Oy as of 2nd September 2019. Armanto has worked in senior positions in all parts of the value chain, previously for Unilever for 13 years in sales, logistics and marketing and as Country Manager. He has also worked as Business Director of Berner Oy for the last four years. 


Greenfood is one of the largest corporate groups in the Nordic healthy food industry. Constituting almost 30 separate but cooperating companies in seven countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain) with about 1,500 employees collectively, the Greenfood Group specializes in healthy, fresh convenience food. In Finland, Greenfood owns Salico Oy, Satotukku Oy, Picadeli Oy and Snackpoint Oy.


“There are considerable benefits to being part of a fast-growing company that’s investing heavily in innovation across the healthy fresh food categories. For example, we can share expertise and consumer insights between our companies and we have learned a great deal about innovation from our sister companies,” says Armanto.


Under Armanto’s leadership, Salico and Snackpoint, as well as all Greenfood companies, have a vision to make healthy food easily available through high-quality convenience food and innovative products. 


“Both Salico and Snackpoint are already very successful pioneers in their respective segments. The skilled staff have great passion and have built up strong customer relationships; we have been able to develop new concepts and products together with our customers. An additional success factor is that Greenfood owns its whole value chain, which gives us the capacity to develop new products on a grander scale,” says Armanto.


Healthy eating and convenience have reshaped the Finnish food industry as today’s consumers are adopting busy lifestyles and moving towards products and services that suit their fast-paced life.

So, grocery stores and supermarkets have made room for new food concepts and convenience food such as wraps, salads, pasta dishes and sandwiches.


“I see the industry continuing its strong development as the convenience trend gains momentum. For example, GreenDeli convenience products were launched this week to address consumers’ desire to eat a quick snack as a healthy alternative. It’s a brand new concept that’s going to be at the forefront of the convenience category,” says Armanto.