greenfood visited peru to discuss ways to improve the water situation in the ica valley, peru

2 April 2019

Agriculture is responsible for about 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water consumption, making it the largest consumer of our planet’s water resources. This means a level of responsibility for Greenfood as well as the other companies in the industry. Water efficiency is therefore a key focus area and we are constantly working to streamline water consumption throughout our entire value chain.  

Last week, Greenfood’s head of marketing and communication, Lisa Isakson, visited the Ica Valley in Peru to attend the launch of Swedwatch’s “To the last drop” report. The report addresses the water shortage in the Ica Valley. Peru is one of South America’s leading exporters of asparagus and avocados, but that success has had a negative impact on water resources. 

Greenfood, Coop, Axfood, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Swedwatch and Diakonia were all in Peru to learn more about the situation and discuss the topic of securing a sustainable water supply in the Ica Valley with national stakeholders. 
Greenfood attended, among other things, a panel debate on the challenges surrounding water shortages relating to export crops such as asparagus and avocado. It’s a complex situation that requires cooperation and dialogue between the various stakeholders; national and international grocery companies, authorities, experts and local farmers.