New BBQ condiments from DailyGreens!

3 June 2019
Just in time for summer Daily Greens is launching three tasty condiments that makes it easier for consumers to succeed with the dinner and make the barbeque yummier. All these new products will be the perfect match for the barbeque, bowl or why not your salad.

Mojo Rojo: With an inspiration from the Spanish kitchen we present this colorful sauce made from grilled peppers. Beautiful orange color with a clearly taste of peppers and some sweetness. Perfect match for the meat, fish or vegetables. 

Pickled red onion: A new classic to the BBQ. A sweet and sour pickled red onion, that makes the perfect topping on the fish taco or, poke bowl or the hamburger. 

Tabbouleh: A tasty bulgurmix with taste of chili, lemon and cranberry. A mix that fits perfect to the grilled vegetables, fish or why not chicken? 

Cooking can sometimes be an overwhelming task; especially if it requires the use of numerous gadgets to create great sauces, salsas and dips – not any longer when Daily Greens new condiments is out in store!