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•    Net sales for the period totalled SEK 1,344.1 million (1,120.9), an increase of 19.9%, whereof about 14.3% related to price increases driven by cost inflation and seasonal fluctuations, 0.4% due to underlying volume increase, about 2.7% related to currency translation effects when consolidating EUR and USD-denominated entities, with the remaining increase due to business area mix in growth.
•    Adjusted EBITDA was with SEK 38.3 million in line with the fourth quarter of 2021 (38.1).

Greenfood’s food tech company Picadeli offers healthy fast food that is both accessible and affordable through its digitalized salad bars. The company has established itself in several European markets and recently launched in the United States. Their success has generated significant international interest, and CEO David von Laskowski was invited to speak at Fruit Logistica, Europe’s largest trade fair for fresh produce, fruits and vegetables.
Greenfood's new 44,000 square meter facility will soon be ready. When it opens, it will cater to northern Europe's increased interest in plant-based food, food-to-go, and fruit and vegetables. To handle the growing order volumes, Greenfood has invested heavily in robotic solutions and warehouse automation. This investment means faster handling of goods, less truck traffic around the premises and higher security.
More even ripening, better quality and less wastage. All these will be the results of utilising Greenfood's ultra-modern banana ripening facility that is currently being built in Helsingborg. 12 banana rooms, each nine meters high, will ripen 33,000 boxes of bananas a week - all so that Greenfood can provide people with healthy options in a much better way.

•    Net sales for the period totalled SEK 1,302.2 million (1,100.1) an increase of 18.4%, whereof about 8% related to inflation driven cost increases.
•    Adjusted EBITDA improved significantly with SEK 14.2 million to SEK 88.5 million (74.3) compared with the third quarter 2021. 

Picadeli’s new plastic-free lid in molded fiber has been awarded by Pentawards, a leading international competition in packaging design. Picadeli won in the sustainable design category for their plastic and PFAS-free product, which is also renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, and reduces plastic waste by approximately 120 tons per year. The lid was developed in collaboration with Stora Enso.