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Many of the Covid-19 effects on our business have been mitigated thanks to an increased focus on experimentation, flexibility and swifter decision-making. At Greenfood, we’ve put a lot of effort into intra-group collaboration, augmenting while focusing our product portfolio and starting to form our comeback plans already in the beginning of the crises...while staying nimble. This approach took us through the toughest times of Covid-19. And with strong growth regained across our group as well as with more than 150 reopened salad bars every week, we’ve definitely left some of the toughest times behind us...for now.
Mixum to make 15,000 visors a day for the Nordic healthcare services As a result of Covid-19, there is now a shortage of equipment in the healthcare services. The demand for protective equipment has prompted Greenfood company Mixum to switch quickly from food production to protective visors. From Monday, the factory will produce 15,000 visors a day for the Nordic market.
The internationally successful Swedish salad bar company Picadeli just got nominated at the prestigious The Drum Marketing Awards - UK's leading competition for global marketing and branding initiatives. Picadeli is one of the finalists with the company's new brand identity Fast Food de la Future, which according to Magnus Johansson, Head of Marketing, has propelled the brand's position into the future.
– participates in panel debate on biodiversity and sustainable agriculture with WWF and OECD The world relies on biodiversity and ecosystem services to produce food, clean water and clean air. But that biodiversity is under threat. On Sunday, during the World Climate Summit in Madrid, Greenfood's chief executive David von Laskowski will take part in a panel debate alongside WWF and the OECD on biodiversity. "Everything that Greenfood stands for and everything that we do depends on a healthy planet. We are dependent on the world's ecosystem services to get our products," says David von Laskowski.
Picadeli has been awarded the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France’s annual business prize Prix d’Excellence. Picadeli is awarded for its rapid and successful expansion in the French market. Since 2017, the company has established more than 430 digitalised salad bars – to crown it all in France, the stronghold of gastronomy.
Prestigious new partnership with retail chain Monoprix Greenfood’s digital salad bar Picadeli is already available in over 2100 locations in Europe. Its success now continues, as Picadeli enters into an agreement with the French premium chain Monoprix. The chain is regarded as one of the most innovative in France, and is a leader in convenience food and healthy ready meals.
Sales of vegan products are increasing substantially. Meat-free burgers are just one example of products that are growing in popularity. Interest in vegan sides is also increasing, which is why Greenfood company Ahlströms has entered into a new collaboration with Violife, manufacturer of award-winning vegan cheeses that are sold worldwide.