Greenfood acquires the premium supplier Lundgrens primörer

19 August 2021
Greenfood acquires 100 percent of the ownership in fruit and vegetable specialist Lundgrens primörer. A company on Sweden's west coast, Lundgren's has a turnover of almost 90 million SEK. It is known for its wide range consisting of premium fruits, vegetables and processed raw materials of the highest quality.
"Through the purchase of Lundgren's, we become a nationwide supplier. We are expanding the quality range further and making their fantastic products available to customers and consumers around Sweden," said Ted Stenshed, CEO of the Greenfood Fresh Produce business area.

Greenfood is one of northern Europe's largest players in fresh, healthy food. The group has been growing strongly in recent years and is experiencing a continuing increase in demand as more and more people choose a better plant-based lifestyle based on fruit and vegetables. Greenfood includes the Greenfood Fresh Produce business area, which is a leading supplier of fruit and vegetables on the Scandinavian market.

Greenfood and Fresh Produce are growing further as the group has signed an agreement to acquire Lundgren's, a premium supplier of fruit and vegetables that represents some of the world's leading fruit and vegetable producers.

"Lundgren's shares our ambition; to offer Swedish retailers and consumers the absolute best in fruit and vegetables. Through this acquisition, our store customers will have access to the best premium growers around the world, while consumers will have access to quality fruit from brands such as Bollo and Uvasdoce," Ted Stenshed, CEO of the Greenfood Fresh Produce business area, said.

The founder and CEO, Mats Lundgren, will remain within the Greenfood Group when the acquisition is complete. Mats founded Lundgren's with the ambition of finding the absolute best fruit and vegetables and ensure that Swedish people can enjoy them.  

"Taste and quality are everything when it comes to fruit and vegetables. If the products taste better, it leads to more repurchases and increased consumption of healthy food. Through Greenfood's sales force and reach, we can now inspire more stores to expand their range of high-quality fruits and vegetables," said Mats Lundgren, CEO of Lundgren's.