Greenfood signs commitment to Science Based Targets

8 November 2021
Greenfood is taking the next big step in its ongoing sustainability work by joining the Science Based Targets initiative. SBTi is a global standard that supports companies in setting climate targets in line with what’s required to meet the Paris Agreement.

In the UN’s climate panel’s new report, now approved by 195 governments, including Sweden, Finland, Germany and France, international researchers agree that we can stop at 1.5 degrees of global warming if the proper measures are taken quickly. The 1.5-degree target is crucial for our planet and our vulnerable ecosystems, and achieving it requires sharply reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a short time. 

Greenfood is determined to work towards the changes required to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and has therefore decided, to set targets in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative.

“To meet the climate crisis, tough measures and ambitious climate targets are required from all players, at all levels, and in all business sectors. Greenfood has joined the Science Based Targets initiative to further strengthen our sustainability work, helping us clarify the journey towards a more sustainable business, and set climate targets in line with what science says is needed,” said Lisa Isakson, Sustainability Manager at Greenfood Group. 

Now Greenfood is starting on the first step after committing to set science-based targets, which is the full review of Greenfood’s emissions throughout our value chain. Based on that analysis, the Group will set its targets, which include direct emissions from production, indirect emissions from purchased energy and other indirect emissions along the value chain. Step two is to then have those targets reviewed and approved by SBTi. 

About the Science Based Target initiative 
The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a collaboration between CDP, the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and WWF. The initiative is designed to help companies set scientifically based climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement. The signatory companies undertake to set scientifically based emission reduction targets, which are in line with the Paris Agreement’s objective of keeping global warming below 2 degrees and preferably not above 1.5 degrees. 

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