95% plant-based food 

The whole Greenfood universe revolves around food. We absolutely love healthy food. To make it better. Easier. Healthier. And more accessible. Fruit and vegetables are our foundation. Research shows that such a diet has a lower climate impact and takes up less land and water, while fruit and vegetables have the fantastic property that they are also excellent for a healthier life. 

We have taken several important steps in developing a range that is both healthy and good for the planet. Our salad pioneer, Picadeli, has completely eliminated red meat from its products and today the range consists of 90 percent vegetarian products and 70 percent vegan. Another of Greenfood's companies, Ahlström’s Factory, offers healthy food concepts that teach more people to eat vegetarian. They have also developed a range of plant-based products made from Nordic raw materials. Our brand SallaCarte, has the market's largest assortment of ready-cut fruit and vegetables, ideal for food professionals who always want to serve high quality, healthy fresh food.