Imagine a world where fast food is yummy food. Not junk food. It’s our vision. Where it’s easy for everyone to eat good, healthy stuff.

A world where fast food is the opposite of junk food

It all started in 2009 with a salad bar in a small town in western Sweden. The idea was simple; change the ways people buy salad. We want to humbly say that our idea was genius because it was so simple. We always try to make it easy for consumers to pick a delicious, healthy salad. 


We want everyone to be able to eat healthily even when they’re pressed for time. And now they can. Imagine: Over 100 tasty, yummy salad ingredients to choose from. Mix your salad your way with your favorite ingredients in just a few minutes. Picadeli's salad bars are in your supermarket, your local convenience store or gas station. In Sweden, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Estonia.

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 "ARCTIC" SALAD counter

We decided to do what no-one has done before. That’s why we developed and patented our own high-tech salad counter. It even has its own food safety system that tells you when a product needs replacing. It keeps the right temperature, and stores all data for traceability etc. It’s great when you know that we always have fresh ingredients in our new salad counter, the one we call “Arctic".