Food solutions

Is great food on the go your passion? From grabbing that tasty breakfast or lunch to a quick in-between snack, we help you add quick, healthy meals that make life easier for everyone.

Smart thinking for smart food.

It’s not a business idea built on anything extraordinary. We just love healthy food that’s tasty and saves time for consumers. From wraps and salads to pre-cut fruits and vegetables and mixed grains. Food Solutions offers the best quality in a wide selection of products. It’s the perfect solution for almost all our target consumers, from the customer looking for something to eat on the go between meetings to the restaurant client with a chef that wants to put all creative efforts in the kitchen. We are always focusing on products with a high degree of innovation, great taste, and healthy properties – all to simplify and save valuable time

Food solutions

When you offer our wide range it’s easy to put together exactly what you want, and what your consumers will love. From filling lunch salads to sweet, sumptuous ready-to-eat, watermelon for a quick refresh after the gym class.

The Food Solutions business area includes Mixum AB, Salico AB, Salico OY, Ahlströms Factory AB, Snackpoint OY, SSK AB, Wrapsons & Deli AB and Greendeli Sweden AB.