This is how we get the most from our food 

One third of all food produced in the world is wasted instead of being consumed. As a food producer, we have a responsibility to counteract this. Food waste is a high-priority area for us, and we are constantly looking for solutions to reduce both food waste and general waste. We are reducing our food waste by optimizing our food chain and working in a circular way with by-products and food waste. 

Waste-smart products and fruitful innovations 

Our size matters. Because we are a large group that extends over many processing steps, we can work efficiently and systematically to reduce food waste. Already early in the product development phase, we identify by-products and find new ways to use them. A grated broccoli stem fits perfectly in a salad; tomato leftovers become an important ingredient in Picadeli's tasty “Pico de Gallo”, cabbage sticks become fantastic in a wrap when pickled, and an apple core can go into good juices and smoothies thanks to Rescued and other partners. 

The latest AI technology 

Technology is an important tool for us in our work to reduce food waste. Our high-tech salad bars give us data about each individual product, and we can make an accurate calculation of what the store should order to keep a fresh and well-stocked salad bar. With the help of AI, sharper, more accurate forecasts are being created based on buying behaviour, stock levels, weather forecasts and calendar days. The right order gives the right amount of food - so that less food is thrown away. 

Food donations 

Sometimes we have products that we cannot resell, for example due to their short shelf life. By donating our products to people who need them, we ensure that food that would otherwise be wasted will be put to good use.