Fresh produce

People in Sweden and Finland have been loving our fresh fruit and vegetables since 1964. Why not do the same? And enjoy fresh food from an independent company that knows a thing or two about what to deliver – and the best ways to deliver it.

From Helsingborg with love

Our journey started in Helsingborg in 1964. That’s when Ewerman AB started to sell pure goodness. If you’re wondering why just there and just then, it’s because the city's port was the hub for Swedish fruit and vegetable imports. Now we’re the hub, delivering around 250,000 tons of flavorsome fruit and vegetables to our customers in Sweden and Finland.

Fresh produce

Come work together with us. Like we said, we’ve been around for a long time, and we put lots of passion into delivering everything from brilliant berries to yummy yams and other exotic fruits. Our buyers work around the world and have offices in countries like Spain and the Netherlands, making sure we pick the best quality foods and find the smartest, easiest ways to deliver them straight to your counter. Even people attending the Nobel Banquet munch on our veggies – something we’re of course very proud of.

Our Fresh Produce business area includes Ewerman, Allfrukt, Örebro Trädgårdshall, Växjö Partiaffär, Satotukku (Finland), Greenfood Iberica (Spain) and Greenfood Sourcing.