We believe in a world where fast food is the opposite of junk food. That’s our vision and it’s why more and more people are loving our customized self-service salad concept.

Fast food. Good food.

Fast food doesn’t have to be junk food, right? And good food really can taste this good. That’s what Picadeli is all about.

We showed off a very unusual in-store salad bar in 2009 where people mixed their own salad. Since then we’ve been learning what shop workers and consumers really like, and what’s important. With the aim of getting better. And better. And better.

We helped change how people buy and eat salad. Now stores don’t lose out to restaurants, they compete with them with a fantastic array of fresh fruit and vegetables with over 100 ingredients to choose from. People can drop by for that perfect pick of luscious salad from their local supermarket, convenience store or petrol station.


Driving sales – and profit should be fun and easy. That’s why we offer a complete concept. Everything from fresh and tasty ingredients to high-tech salad counters, logistics, support and service. We want everyone to have the chance to pick up healthy food when they’re pressed for time. That’s what drives our 100+ co-workers. Why we are market leaders in the Nordic region. And why people can pick up a salad from us in more than 1,750 places around Europe.