Ready to cook

Yes chef!

Cook now. Skip all that time-consuming preparation. We’ve already prepped everything for you by peeling, chopping, mixing and boiling the finest ingredients we can offer.

We’ve prepared everything for you with ingredients like chopped salad, salad mixes, tomatoes, root vegetables and fruit. Rinsed and ready. Or why not add some tasty touches like ready-cooked eggs, pasta salad, quinoa, bulgur and couscous? When you choose us, you choose the widest range of ready-to-cook products in the Nordics. Unleash your creativity and start cooking now.

Ready to Cook - Med färdigskalade och färdighackade produkter slipper du tidsödande förberedelser och kan gå direkt till matlagningen

Ready to Cook includes the brands: SallaCarte, Bröderna Franzén and Ahlgood.

Our showroom

In our showroom, located at Lindhagensgatan in Stockholm, we have the perfect place for employees and customers to meet in an environment inspiring creativity, networking, cooperation, and fun. In the end, this will lead to new innovations for the future benefitting customers and consumers.