Ready to eat & heat

Sometimes you live life in turbo mode.
We make sure you eat well.

Longing for that healthy snack? Need refreshments fast? Maybe that filling wrap, fresh fruit salad, vegetable juice before your meeting or a quick bite of lasagna from the deli counter after the gym.

Why eat bad food, even when you live life on the go? We offer lots of goodness to choose from that you can eat now or warm up when you want. Baguette, wrap or smoothie for breakfast? Pie, lasagne or filling salad for lunch or dinner? Or why not a mouth-watering fruit salad or a vitamin-filled fruit juice in between?

Food solutions - en låda med smarta lösningar för mat när man är på språng

Our wide range means you can put together the exact food you need. And if you run a café or a deli counter, we have a great range of pre-packed products – so you can create appetizing food fast, easy and safe

Ready to Eat & Heat includes the brands: Green Deli, Wrapson, Daily Greens and Mästerkockarna.

Our showroom

In our showroom, located at Lindhagensgatan in Stockholm, we have the perfect place for employees and customers to meet in an environment inspiring creativity, networking, cooperation, and fun. In the end, this will lead to new innovations for the future benefitting customers and consumers.