Salad bars

Salad your way

What’s the world's best salad? It’s the one you mix yourself. Just imagine a salad bar full of goodness and ready for people to pick. It creates more traffic in-store and gives consumer's lots of different, yummy choices for their lunch and dinner plans.

It's a salad bar where consumers pick and mix exactly what they want in their bowl. How much of each ingredient makes up their perfect salad exactly? A scoop of Lebanese quinoa salad? A few bites of taco chicken? Some Mojo Rojo? Be our guest. When you’ve got what you want, weigh your salad bowl and pay by weight. Couldn’t be easier. Could it?

Salad bars - bygg din egen sallad med dina utvalda favoriter från våra kylda salladsbarer

Our salad bars are in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany and France. There’s loads to choose from and we keep offering more. Products that are more healthy. With more goodness. Greenfood has over 50 years of experience in fruit and vegetables. It is in our DNA, so to speak.

Salad Bars include the brand Picadeli.

Our showroom

In our showroom, located at Lindhagensgatan in Stockholm, we have the perfect place for employees and customers to meet in an environment inspiring creativity, networking, cooperation, and fun. In the end, this will lead to new innovations for the future benefitting customers and consumers.