Every day is a surprise and I love it!

My work is really different every day. I often think about that I never know what is coming up during the day. Every day is a surprise and I love it!

Kaisa Malmberg SatotukkuName: Kaisa Malmberg
Started at Greenfood: 2015
Company: Satotukku
Role: Buyer of fresh fruits and vegetables
Business area: Fresh Produce


I’m a buyer. My responsibilities are everyday purchases. It includes incoming logistics, planning weekly promotions and planning the whole seasons. I also attend the overseas programs. In purchases we need to have a tight connection with sales and handle the stock, maximize the sales for the best price and minimize the waste. Maintaining the relationships with our suppliers and growers. 

A dream project I have is to develop the growth of more organic products in Finland, like in Sweden!

Today I have been loading trucks in Italy and made orders for next week in Holland and Spain. I have also been fighting for the best prices from suppliers in Spain and Italy. Today we also launched our leaflet to our customers.

Kaisa Malmberg
Buyer of fresh fruits and vegetables, Satotukku