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From food production to producing protective visors

20 april 2020
Mixum to make 15,000 visors a day for the Nordic healthcare services
As a result of Covid-19, there is now a shortage of equipment in the healthcare services. The demand for protective equipment has prompted Greenfood company Mixum to switch quickly from food production to protective visors. From Monday, the factory will produce 15,000 visors a day for the Nordic market.

The initiative started in Region Östergötland, where the demand for the production of healthcare equipment came in early. Inplastor, a local plastic printing company, was quick to respond with assistance. And since the first visor was produced, several countries have made enquiries. Inplastor and Mixum will now produce 1,200,000 protective visors for delivery to the Swedish and Danish healthcare services. 

“The staff and the whole company are overjoyed, because everyone really wants to help our healthcare heroes. Our production means we can assist the healthcare services with the protective equipment that is absolutely essential for doctors and other healthcare professionals to be able to perform their duties safely,” says Magnus Franzén, CEO of Mixum. 

Mixum usually supplies food to Picadeli as well as the grocery trade and the hotel and restaurant business. However, now that the Coronavirus has temporarily hit that sector hard, Mixum has the warehouse space and capacity to quickly make room for production, realign the business and train staff to manufacture protective equipment. 

“We will have 25-30 people working to produce protective visors for the healthcare services. By restructuring our warehouse, we can accommodate the production of protective visors and maintain our food production at the same time. Once the market returns to normal, we are ready to switch back and increase food production again,” says Magnus Franzén, CEO of Mixum.