A Love affair

We just love healthy food. Making it tastier. Simpler. Better. More affordable. And sending it throughout the entire world. That's the passion that drives us at Greenfood.

Greenfood - händer som håller i ett rött äpple och formar ett hjärta.

Possessed by a Tastier world.

As you've noticed, our great passion is healthy food. Our ambition is simple: We want to make healthy food better, more accessible and easier to eat. For you, for consumers, for everyone who loves good food.

From wheat to bread. To lentil salad.

Passion is what's made us one of the Nordic's leading groups in healthy food. We work the entire chain - from growing, processing and delivery to the moment consumera put forks in their mouths - and the important analysis afterwards: What can we improve?

What food do you love?

Our three business areas Picadeli, Food Solutions and Fresh Produce offer you the freshest ingredients. And when you take a closer look at what you get, you'll fund exciting brands like Picadeli, Daily Greens, SallaCarte and GreenDeli.

You're getting the combined experience of more than 1500 employees in 8 countries and the power of a group that sold fresh fruit and vegetables for more than 5,3 billion in 2019. 

Flicka som håller en skål med nyskuren färsk frukt

our vision

A world where everyone can choose a healthier lifestyle where we help make wholesome food easier to get.

our business idea

Inspiring a healthier society by connecting people with affordable, tasty, healthy food.

Core values


We influence people by questioning and challenging society's, our customers' and our own views on fast food; how to be the best at our business and what good partnerships can look like.


Every second counts. And when your life is made easier, you get more of those precious seconds for the things that really matter. Our secret that makes things so simple is by being surrounded by curious, innovative, friendly people.


We are where you are, whoever you are. We are with you by making healthy food easier to get. By making all kinds of data more easily accessible. By making you more flexible. And everyone benefits, every day of the week.