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Swedish food Group Greenfood sets up new operation in Germany. Its food tech company, the digital salad bar concept Picadeli, will be setting up an operation from this year with Rewe, the German grocery and convenience store giant.
Picadeli is now switching to biodegradable cutlery in all of its salad bars in Sweden. The new cutlery is made from 90 per cent renewable materials, mostly sugarcane starch, which is EU certified according to EN134-32. In order to further reduce material consumption, Picadeli has decided to remove the knife from the cutlery pack.
Agriculture is responsible for about 70 per cent of the world’s fresh water consumption, making it the largest consumer of our planet’s water resources. This means a level of responsibility for Greenfood as well as the other companies in the industry. Water efficiency is therefore a key focus area and we are constantly working to streamline water consumption throughout our entire value chain.
One in three Swedes say they eat more fruit and vegetables today than they did three years ago. This increase is because a lot of people see the benefits of eating a healthy diet. But although fruit and vegetable consumption has increased, few people reach the Swedish national food agency’s recommendation of 50 per cent vegetables and root vegetables per meal.